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The Healing Power of Narrative

I’ve been going through a difficult time in my personal life lately. To keep myself on an upward path, I’ve been doing everything one is supposed to do: work out, spend time with friends, get enough sleep, find distractions (fortunately, … Continue reading

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First-Time Hiring? Here Are Some Tips.

The 200kfreelancer’s latest post is live on the AARP’s Work Reimagined site. Successful freelancing comes in levels: you pick where you want to go. Some people are satisfied entirely as a solo operation. Others aim to build a whole business … Continue reading

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Develop A Career Consulting To Nonprofits

The 200kfreelancer’s latest post on the AARP’s Work Reimagined site is live! According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, charitable organizations and nonprofits employ more than 17% of the U.S. workforce. The number of charities — 1.3 million at the current … Continue reading

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Focusing On These Four Moments Helps Win Assignments

Being a freelancer involves a fair amount of rejection. Even after you identify a few good target markets for yourself and develop some solid story ideas, you’ll have to send out something on the order of 10 pitches for every … Continue reading

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What Web Traffic Means To A Freelancer

Susannah Breslin is writing 30 days of freelancing on Forbes. Today, she wrote about the sense of failure that freelancers have – and uses her low-traffic blog on Forbes as an example. Sorry, but thinking about failure is a waste … Continue reading

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Serendipity For Freelancers

I’m a firm believer in serendipity, which in the professional world goes under the guise of networking. One of the keys to building a successful career as a freelancer is being open to new opportunities. You have to allow your … Continue reading

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Keyboard Poison Day And Other Tips For Managing The Remote Life

It took me years of working from home to learn how important it was to take breaks in the middle of the day. In an office setting, there are lots of opportunities for people to relax their minds and move a … Continue reading

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Retirement Plans For The Self-Employed

I found this video by CNN/Money’s Walter Updegrave a short, sweet summary of the two kinds of retirement plans designed for self-employed people. • One is called a SEP IRA. You can sock away 25% of your net self-employment income, … Continue reading

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A Great Site To Help Freelancers Find Health Insurance

I’ve been covering the health insurance market on-and-off for almost 20 years now and have reported on many different efforts by local chambers of commerce, city administrations and state departments of health and insurance to give people who aren’t covered … Continue reading

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Work Like A Woman, Not Like A Man

So I was in a meeting, one of those regular weekly meetings, and I was one of two women in the room. I had a to-do list that stretched all the way down a yellow legal pad, and I was … Continue reading

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