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A Defense of Marissa Mayer From Someone Who Works At Home

Clearly, Marissa Mayer hit a nerve. Ever since the Yahoo! CEO abolished the company’s work-from-home policies, the web has been abuzz with reactions. My favorite so far: this funny open letter from an imaginary Yahoo! employee used to working at … Continue reading

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Time for a Deep Breath

Most of us have learned not to load our plates so full of work that we’re collapsing under the pressure. However, sometimes, Murphy’s Law intervenes. A client asks you to bump up a deadline because he’s got to go on … Continue reading

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A $100 Ticket to Peace of Mind

I started out as a freelancer in October 2007, not long before the global financial collapse. When Lehman Brothers folded, there was a ripple effect in many businesses, and many of my clients delayed paying me. It was pretty scary–my … Continue reading

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The Power of Instinct

One way my husband and I have made the freelance life work for us is using the “divide and conquer” approach to childcare. One of us watches our four kids–or the ones who are at home at the moment–while the … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Narrative

I’ve been going through a difficult time in my personal life lately. To keep myself on an upward path, I’ve been doing everything one is supposed to do: work out, spend time with friends, get enough sleep, find distractions (fortunately, … Continue reading

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Too Late for Flu Shots

In the middle of last week, my daughter told me she wasn’t feeling well. It turned out she had a fever of almost 105–so I rushed her to the doctor’s office. I have a notoriously bad sense of direction, so … Continue reading

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Will 2013 Be the Year You Make the Break?

If your early New Year’s resolution is to quit a miserable job you hate, now may be the right time to make a move. Demand for freelancers seems to be percolating. According to the Global Business Survey by the talent … Continue reading

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How to Hire a Freelancer

While I was at the playground with my kids recently, a local dad mentioned he was looking for a freelance writer. He’d hired someone to write marketing copy for his business and thought he might need to bring in a … Continue reading

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Are You Working in Your Dream Job?

Although I love being a freelance writer, it’s not often that I feel like others covet my job, with all of its unpredictability and unsteady paychecks. So I was a little surprised by the results of LinkedIn’s recent survey of … Continue reading

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2 Tips for a Productive Freelancer’s Home Office

Guest post by Gary Lim, founder of Action Pronto, an advisory and coaching firm based in Manlius, N.Y.  If you’re freelancing, you’re likely working out of an office in your home. That’s the beauty and the curse of being a … Continue reading

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