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DoNanza Sees Growth In Freelance Jobs, But Not Necessarily In Compensation

A survey by freelance website DoNanza found that while the number of freelance jobs has been rising, compensation for some kinds of jobs, especially those in marketing, is declining. DoNanza found that the number of jobs rose from 1.3 million … Continue reading

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Retirement Plans For The Self-Employed

I found this video by CNN/Money’s Walter Updegrave a short, sweet summary of the two kinds of retirement plans designed for self-employed people. • One is called a SEP IRA. You can sock away 25% of your net self-employment income, … Continue reading

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How Will Freelancers Fare in the Health Reform?

When I started freelancing five years ago, my family’s health insurance premiums were approximately $19,200 per year. Starting in November, they will be $36,000 a year, thanks to two straight years where we saw increases of $600 a month. It’s … Continue reading

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A Great Site To Help Freelancers Find Health Insurance

I’ve been covering the health insurance market on-and-off for almost 20 years now and have reported on many different efforts by local chambers of commerce, city administrations and state departments of health and insurance to give people who aren’t covered … Continue reading

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The Features You Want In Your Home Office Phone

Your telephone is a crucial, but easily overlooked, piece of equipment in your home office. For years, I limped along with an old cordless phone. I’m not sure why I never thought to get a new one; it was just … Continue reading

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Bummer: Getting a Dental Insurance Quote

I try not to react emotionally when I get quotes for any type of health-related insurance for my family–but it is hard not to. With four small children, my husband and I decided recently that it would be a good … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Coverage In Europe: A Few Answers

My family vacation this year is to Europe (in fact, our three-week trip is one explanation for why the posts on 200kfreelancer might be a little thin for a while). The lands of castles and scones, kilts and chocolate (we’re … Continue reading

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Key Health Insurance Questions Remain Unanswered For Self-Employed

Over the next few days, we’ll hear from  many healthcare experts about what the Supreme Court’s decision about Obamacare means. I’m wondering how it will affect self-employed people. Presumably if citizens are required to buy healthcare or face a penalty, … Continue reading

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Top Freelancing Hotspots: Where Do You Like To Work?

In the middle of a very big deadline project, my Internet went out today. And it stayed out for hours. In nearly five years of freelancing, I’ve learned one thing: Don’t wait it out when this happens. The more urgent … Continue reading

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Fast-Track Your Work-At-Home Business

Poornima Vijayashanker went from being an early employee of to founding Bizeebee, a business which advises folks like yoga studio owners on how to grow their businesses. The 29-year-old engineer–who enjoys yoga in her spare time–has expanded the six-person … Continue reading

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