5 ways to build your social media following

Guest post by Clifford Blodgett

In the eighties hit movie Can’t Buy Me Love, the outcast Ronald Miller (played by Patrick Dempsey) tries to get popular by paying the queen bee at the school $1,000 to be his girl friend.

Using social media can make you feel like he did, wishing for a quick move that will bring you the recognition you deserve.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube all have millions of users, but followers, likes, and retweets don’t come easy.  You will still need some productive strategies to attract them and get the most out of your social networks.

Here are five tips to help you promote yourself through social media.

1. Find your personality

There are plenty of people who are trying to do what you are trying to do right now. Everyone knows that you are essentially competing against each other. You need to find your own voice to get attention. The Internet is mostly a means of spreading content, with videos slowly catching up, but people still get most of their information through text-based formats. Think about the sites that are capturing your attention. What kind of voice do they have? Analyzing their success may help you find your own voice. Let people know you are different.

2. Interact

Okay, so you have a few fans on Facebook, a few followers on Twitter, and a few subscribers on YouTube. It’s time to start posting content and doing some self-promotion. Meanwhile, keep in close touch with your core followers. They are your first audience, and you need to treat them like they are your golden ticket because, well, they are. They are the ones that will tell their friends, they are the ones that will stick around, share and retweet.

3. Stay relevant and become an authority

You need to stick with your niche. Perhaps, you are an entertainer. Well, find new and interesting ways to entertain your audience. Perhaps, you are an author. Then plug your books whenever you offer a piece of advice. Sign up as a contributor through Google+ and link your site, which will start exposing your brand to followers while establishing you as an authority on the subject.

4. Connect your accounts

It’ll help you expand your reach. Linking your Twitter and Facebook is pretty simple. You can use Networked Blogs to auto-post your newest blog feeds directly to your Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Tweetdeck to track trends as well as create a dashboard for multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts.

5. Team up

Establish relationships with other professionals who do what you do. They may end up helping you find more followers for your own page. They may also extend an offer to collaborate on a YouTube video.

Follow these tips and find other ways to promote yourself. If you can be creative, you can always find new ways to find fans.

Clifford Blodgett is the editor for a number of career focused websites. His advice pieces have appeared all over the internet and you can follow him on Twitter or Google+.

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