Avoid Toxic Clients

One of the best parts of freelancing is that you’re free to work with people you enjoy. While corporate friends may have to endure bad bosses to earn a living, you’re free from that slow suffering.

If you work hard, are good at what you do and provide a service that’s in demand, you can always find another client. In the best cases, clients can become mentors and good friends.

Of course, not all clients are a good fit. In our latest post for the AARP’s Work Reimagined site, “5 Types of Toxic Clients–and How to Manage Them,” we look at some of the main varieties of clients who are best avoided–and offer some tips on how to spot them early and do damage control if you inadvertently take them on.

We all make mistakes in building our businesses. The business owners we interviewed for this piece generously shared their experiences, in the spirit of helping others.

Did we miss any types of toxic clients you have experienced? Let us know by posting a comment.




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