Love and money

If you’re lucky enough to be really busy these days, you may be thinking about making a giant leap: hiring your mate. It can be a tidy solution to some big problems, like a spouse’s unemployment or underemployment. And in many cases, the idea may just sound like fun.

But, if you know anyone who has tried it, you’re probably aware that it can backfire, too. Working side by side can, for some, take the romance out of a relationship. And, in a worst case scenario, it can leave you in a complicated situation if you decide to go your separate ways.

In our latest post for the AARP’s Work Reimagined site, “Would you hire your spouse?”, we look at some of the key questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of going this route.

It’s not just about whether you’ll get along, though that’s a big part of it. There are plenty of other considerations, too. No one knows it better than entrepreneurs who’ve tried it–and the experts who’ve advised them. Our story offers their best advice.




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