First-Time Hiring? Here Are Some Tips.

The 200kfreelancer’s latest post is live on the AARP’s Work Reimagined site.

Successful freelancing comes in levels: you pick where you want to go. Some people are satisfied entirely as a solo operation. Others aim to build a whole business where they hire full-time employees. (Here’s an interview with one freelancer who used Google AdWords to build a million-dollar business). You might settle somewhere in the middle, creating a team of partners, contractors and part-time employees that come together for particular projects.

Whatever your path, you might end up hiring someone, and it’s best to treat that decision just as seriously as you would if you were as a corporate hiring manager.

Here are the four tips contained in the post: Know Your Own Values; Interview Carefully; Don’t Hire Your Friends; Give Feedback Early; and Don’t Wait To Cut the Tie.


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