Survey: Freelancers Are The Most Optimistic Workers

A new survey by recruiting firm 24 Seven suggests that once you go freelance, you don’t go back. The company’s annual Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey of 5,000 creative professionals like writers, designers and marketers in traditional positions found a somewhat bleak picture, with compensation only rising slightly and many people unsatisfied with their jobs. In fact, most people are not only unsatisfied, but pessimistic about the future.

Not so freelancers. According to the company’s release, “The survey found that the longer one works as a freelancer, the less likely he or she becomes to accept traditional employment with a single company. Most freelancers said they chose the freelance work style because of the freedom and flexibility it offers, even those who initially turned to freelance work after being laid off by their companies. Freelancers have a similar level of satisfaction with their current positions as traditionally employed staff, but are significantly more likely to be optimistic that their satisfaction will increase over the next year.”

“With a greater work-life balance, nearly 50% of freelancers love the freedom and flexibility the lifestyle affords,” the release added. “In fact, the longer someone is a freelancer, the less likely they are to accept traditional employment.”

The survey also points to the need to keep your digital skills up, noting that digital employees are the hardest to recruit and retain. “Digital and account roles had the biggest median salary increases, at 5.6% and 5.4% respectively,” the survey reported.


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