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6 Tips for Writing Your Family’s Story  

The Alexandria Library asked me to talk about how this story in The Atlantic, about my great-grandfather’s suicide, came about. I gave a small workshop on writing family stories — you can see a few attendees in the picture. These … Continue reading

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Create a Million-Dollar Business

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that corporate profits were at record highs because labor costs growing so slowly. “Corporate profits are their highest ever and wage growth is near its lowest in half a century,” Jamie McGeever wrote in a blog post in … Continue reading

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What’s Keeping Your From Living The Life You Want?

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post for a career site where some readers disagreed with my tips on avoiding age discrimination in the workplace. One commenter looked at my online bio and pointed out that since I was … Continue reading

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Why Freelancing Works For Women

Every once in a while, I’ll get a full-time job offer from a client. These have been well-paying gigs, where I would work for people I know and like. But so far, I’ve always said “No, thanks.” To some people, this … Continue reading

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Freelancing Isn’t “Fringe” Anymore

If you’re surrounded by corporate friends who don’t “get” why anyone would freelance, the independent lifestyle can seem a little lonely at times. But a new report by MBO Partners suggests that the size of the independent workforce is growing rapidly … Continue reading

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Life Hacks For Freelancers

In my twenties, I discovered a lot of my favorite places through serendipity. I had the spare time to wander if I took a wrong turn in my car or missed my subway stop and ended up in a different neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Why Freelance? In A Word: Freedom

For some people, it happens in their 20s. For others, it’s after 30 years in the trenches. They get tired of the whole idea of working for someone else. There are a host of reasons I’ve heard from people I’ve … Continue reading

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Why Freelancers Need To Do A SWOT Analysis

When I interview very successful entrepreneurs, they often mention the SWOT analysis they did on their business. SWOT is short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. They look at advantages they can shore up, gaps that make them vulnerable to … Continue reading

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Million-Dollar Freelancing And How to Get There

It is hard for many new freelancers to imagine earning a six-figure income. But that goal can be very attainable if you stick with it. Here’s some information that may get you inspired: More solopreneurs are earning $1 million and … Continue reading

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What’s Your Number?

After I wrote an article about secrets of $200,000 freelancers, a reader on LinkedIn commented: “I’d just be happy with $50,000 a year.” Many people feel just as intimidated by the prospect of trying to earn a full-time income when … Continue reading

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