Review: RocketLawyer’s Legal Docs for Small Business

Recently, I needed a privacy policy for a website.

I remembered I had a free trial with RocketLawyer, an online document provider for small business, in connection with a story I was writing about the company. RocketLawyer had asked me to try using the service so I understood how it worked. I knew the company was run by an attorney and decided it was worthwhile to give its documents a chance.

Creating a custom document was a pretty straightforward process, though not instant. I had to answer a questionnaire about the website and how it used information from customers. That took a fair amount of legwork, because I had to ask several other participants in the project for information on things like the website’s technology.

After I entered the information, I had an editable draft, which the program let me send digitally to the team for review. So far, so good.

There was another organization involved in the project, and its team had questions on the document that we needed help addressing. At that point, we had a private lawyer review the policy. Our attorney made a handful of changes and we soon had a final version that passed muster.

Based on this experience, I felt like RocketLawyer was, overall, pretty handy. I have used it for a couple of documents since then.

I should note that RocketLawyer advises users to pay for its “Connect with a Lawyer” service to review documents. In retrospect, I think that involving a lawyer in reviewing a first draft is a good idea.

That would, of course, add to the overall cost of drafting the document. However, I think it would still represent some savings, since it would probably take a lawyer fewer billable hours to edit an existing document than to draft one from scratch.

RocketLawyer offers free trials to prospective customers who are interested in its paid monthly legal plans, so if you’re curious about the service, it may be worthwhile to look under the hood the same way I did.


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