Celebrate the Freedom of Freelancing

One of the great things about being a freelancer is Mondays.

Yeah, you’ve got projects due and clients who want you to check in with progress reports. You’ve got phone calls to schedule and deadlines stacking up. You’re already behind and it’s only 9 a.m.

But you’re free from all of the things that make people hate going into the office on Mondays.

Free from commuting.

Free from bad bosses.

Free from office politics.

Free from staff meetings.

Free from the human resources department.

Free from having to work when you need to be taking care of something else.

Free from dry cleaning, for the most part.

If it’s bright and sunny outside, like it is in my town in New Jersey today, you’re free to go outside when your work is done–or even before it’s done–and enjoy it.

Sure, there are stresses–the work load you’re juggling, slow-paying clients, health insurance premiums, to name a few.

But all told, we freelancers are pretty darn lucky to have the chance to make a good living without all of the pressures that our corporate friends face.

We’re lucky to be free.

That’s something worth celebrating.




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