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Living Honestly

One of the most valuable messages I’ve taken away from financial gurus like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey is the importance of honesty about our finances. It’s easy to get into debt if we delude ourselves about what we can … Continue reading

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The Power of Instinct

One way my husband and I have made the freelance life work for us is using the “divide and conquer” approach to childcare. One of us watches our four kids–or the ones who are at home at the moment–while the … Continue reading

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7 Questions to Help You Build Your Ideal Freelance Business in 2013

One big benefit of freelancing is the control it gives you over all aspects of your life, from the projects you do every day to how you schedule your personal time. But, as I’ve learned in five years of freelancing, … Continue reading

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Liberate 10 Hours a Week and Other Tips for Finding Time to Freelance

Many of us freelance in order to juggle other responsibilities. But sometimes, those other things we need to do can get in the way of work. In freelancing for five years while raising four small children, I’ve experimented with my … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Freedom of Freelancing

One of the great things about being a freelancer is Mondays. Yeah, you’ve got projects due and clients who want you to check in with progress reports. You’ve got phone calls to schedule and deadlines stacking up. You’re already behind … Continue reading

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On Gratitude … and Deadlines

Last Thursday, I unexpectedly found myself getting emergency surgery. I’m still on the mend but, thanks to a great medical team, should be back to normal in a week or two. When I got home from the hospital several days … Continue reading

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Work Like A Woman, Not Like A Man

So I was in a meeting, one of those regular weekly meetings, and I was one of two women in the room. I had a to-do list that stretched all the way down a yellow legal pad, and I was … Continue reading

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Declutter Your Way Better Productivity

In my town in New Jersey, there’s an annual garbage pickup that people call  junk day. For a small fee, residents can put out their bulky trash. We missed the permit deadline in 2011–and regretted having to go another year … Continue reading

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HBR Looks at Freelancing Stars

It’s not surprising that the Harvard Business Review article The Rise of the Supertemp has been sparking passionate discussion since it was published in the May issue. It’s a very inspiring look at the prospects of high-caliber freelancers. That means … Continue reading

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Top Freelancing Hotspots: Where Do You Like To Work?

In the middle of a very big deadline project, my Internet went out today. And it stayed out for hours. In nearly five years of freelancing, I’ve learned one thing: Don’t wait it out when this happens. The more urgent … Continue reading

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