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Three Best Pieces of Financial Advice for Freelancers: Part I

Being a freelancer requires a whole different mindset than being an employee. You can make a living — as Elaine and I have, and as we help people do. But there’s no steady paycheck, and no big benefits package. We … Continue reading

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Startup Energy

Before I moved to suburbia, my family lived in Jersey City. My older girls were admitted to a charter school there that many parents recommended. Shortly after their acceptance, I started getting a stream of messages asking parents to paint … Continue reading

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Too Late for Flu Shots

In the middle of last week, my daughter told me she wasn’t feeling well. It turned out she had a fever of almost 105–so I rushed her to the doctor’s office. I have a notoriously bad sense of direction, so … Continue reading

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Review: The Book Every Freelancer Should Read in 2013

I’m not a big fan of most how-to books on business that cross my desk, but  The Freelancers Bible, by Freelancers Union founder and executive director and MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellow Sara Horowitz, with Toni Sciarra Poynter, is the exception. … Continue reading

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7 Questions to Help You Build Your Ideal Freelance Business in 2013

One big benefit of freelancing is the control it gives you over all aspects of your life, from the projects you do every day to how you schedule your personal time. But, as I’ve learned in five years of freelancing, … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Freedom of Freelancing

One of the great things about being a freelancer is Mondays. Yeah, you’ve got projects due and clients who want you to check in with progress reports. You’ve got phone calls to schedule and deadlines stacking up. You’re already behind … Continue reading

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Balance Your Kids’ Lives–and Your Own

My husband and I spent our first six years as parents raising four small children in Jersey City, N.J. We lived on a gentrifying block in a city where a substantial portion of the population lives in poverty. Because we weren’t … Continue reading

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Break Free from Round the Clock Availability

A recent survey by Mozy, the online backup provider, found that on a global basis, workers are putting in far more time at the office than the traditional nine to five–and that their bosses are underestimating how much time they … Continue reading

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Taking a Real Vacation: Mull of Kintyre

Here’s to my first week back at work after the first three-week vacation I’ve ever taken. I visited Belgium, England, and Scotland, wrapping up the time with a four-day stay in London with my two girls. Here’s a photo of … Continue reading

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Energy Management for Freelancers

In freelancing, I’ve learned that it’s not just our time we need to manage. It’s our energy. Some projects I’ve taken on these past five years have occupied a tremendous amount of what one of my freelancing friends calls “head … Continue reading

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