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What Makes For A Good Freelance Client: A Rare Word

One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you chose with whom you work. When things are going well, of course, you have MORE choice, but you always have at least some choice. My best freelance clients … Continue reading

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What You Can Learn From HuffPo’s Misstep At The Republican Convention

The Huffington Post’s practice of not paying people for their work has been riling writers lately. In the latest irritant, the Post convinced massage therapists to go to the political conventions for free. The national exposure was supposed to serve … Continue reading

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Taking a Real Vacation: Mull of Kintyre

Here’s to my first week back at work after the first three-week vacation I’ve ever taken. I visited Belgium, England, and Scotland, wrapping up the time with a four-day stay in London with my two girls. Here’s a photo of … Continue reading

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Tips On Negotiating Freelance Rates

I realized just how poor my negotiation skills have been when two former bosses of mine dropped in casual conversation that I used to do the work of two or three people while getting paid the salary of one. But … Continue reading

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Coffee With Tim Kaine: A Freelancer’s Viewpoint

On Friday, I went to a women’s roundtable coffee with Tim Kaine, the former governor of Virginia who is now running for Senate. He talked about jobs and the economy, and called “talent” the critical issue for growing the economy. … Continue reading

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5 Must-Read Sites for the $200K Freelancer

Solitude can be nice when you’re trying to finish a deadline project, but the flip side is loneliness. If you’re feeling isolated and can’t get out to reconnect with a freelancing buddy this week, check out these 5 virtual “watercoolers” … Continue reading

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How One Freelancer Used Google AdWords To Build A Multimillion Dollar Business

Many of us view our freelance businesses an alternative to a job, one that gives us the freedom to ditch time-wasting commutes and days packed with meetings and corporate politics. We feel lucky that we can clear space in our … Continue reading

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