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How To Break Into Freelancing

Have you ever responded to an ad for “Native English-speaking article writers” and found that the pay for a blog post was barely enough to cover a cup of coffee? Then you’ll appreciate Brodie Norris’s post on Brazen Life called … Continue reading

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A Freelancer’s Resolutions

One of my closest friends just passed away unexpectedly, and I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to process this news. I was going to try to write about her here, but my feelings about this are so … Continue reading

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A Workaholic’s Cautionary Tale

It’s easy to read Erin Callan’s essay about her former life as the CFO of Lehman Brothers and feel like you’ve dodged a bullet by stepping away from the corporate track. That’s how I felt as I started reading. Then … Continue reading

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Why You Need to “Brand” Yourself

One of the most exciting parts of freelancing, when I first got started, was branching out from writing for the national business magazine where I worked for eight years to contributing to titles like Good Housekeeping and Marie Claire. I … Continue reading

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Are You Working in Your Dream Job?

Although I love being a freelance writer, it’s not often that I feel like others covet my job, with all of its unpredictability and unsteady paychecks. So I was a little surprised by the results of LinkedIn’s recent survey of … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Freedom of Freelancing

One of the great things about being a freelancer is Mondays. Yeah, you’ve got projects due and clients who want you to check in with progress reports. You’ve got phone calls to schedule and deadlines stacking up. You’re already behind … Continue reading

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Writing Ebooks: A Crash Course

Recently, I discovered a terrific new Writer’s Digest ebook, The $1,000 Query Letter: Real Queries That Helped Land Dream Contracts and Assignments, when author Diana Bocco, interviewed me about how I pitched Money magazine. The book, which sprung from an … Continue reading

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Surprise Winner: Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’

When I asked my writing group for recommendations of great books about writing, I was surprised to hear them say Stephen King’s On Writing. Here’s a blog post that excerpts the book, which I downloaded on to my Nook and … Continue reading

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Judge’s Order A Bellwether For Paid Content?

Are we the only ones disturbed by the proliferation online of content that is paid — but not obviously so? In other words, content that is propaganda or “fake journalism?” Apparently not. U.S. District Judge William Alsup,  said “the court … Continue reading

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Don’t Put Yourself out of the Running

In one of the gigs Elizabeth and I share as contract editors, we assign articles to freelance writers. And every once in a while, one of those writers will go AWOL. The deadline will approach, but I’ll get no word … Continue reading

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