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A Workaholic’s Cautionary Tale

It’s easy to read Erin Callan’s essay about her former life as the CFO of Lehman Brothers and feel like you’ve dodged a bullet by stepping away from the corporate track. That’s how I felt as I started reading. Then … Continue reading

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Why You Need to “Brand” Yourself

One of the most exciting parts of freelancing, when I first got started, was branching out from writing for the national business magazine where I worked for eight years to contributing to titles like Good Housekeeping and Marie Claire. I … Continue reading

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Are You Working in Your Dream Job?

Although I love being a freelance writer, it’s not often that I feel like others covet my job, with all of its unpredictability and unsteady paychecks. So I was a little surprised by the results of LinkedIn’s recent survey of … Continue reading

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Focusing On These Four Moments Helps Win Assignments

Being a freelancer involves a fair amount of rejection. Even after you identify a few good target markets for yourself and develop some solid story ideas, you’ll have to send out something on the order of 10 pitches for every … Continue reading

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Surprise Winner: Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’

When I asked my writing group for recommendations of great books about writing, I was surprised to hear them say Stephen King’s On Writing. Here’s a blog post that excerpts the book, which I downloaded on to my Nook and … Continue reading

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Judge’s Order A Bellwether For Paid Content?

Are we the only ones disturbed by the proliferation online of content that is paid — but not obviously so? In other words, content that is propaganda or “fake journalism?” Apparently not. U.S. District Judge William Alsup,  said “the court … Continue reading

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Don’t Put Yourself out of the Running

In one of the gigs Elizabeth and I share as contract editors, we assign articles to freelance writers. And every once in a while, one of those writers will go AWOL. The deadline will approach, but I’ll get no word … Continue reading

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Get More Client Referrals

During my first few months of freelancing, I spent a lot of time pitching new business. Each day, I’d get up and invest three hours a day in reconnecting with contacts in my field, polishing my LinkedIn profile, establishing a profile … Continue reading

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The Secret to Freelance Happiness … Lies at Machu Picchu

Life as an indie professional sometimes reminds me of a ride I took back from Machu Picchu on a tourist bus. Shrouded in fog that made everything seem mystical, the ancient Inca site connected us to a reality far from our … Continue reading

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How I Landed My First Gig: A Cautionary Tale

Freelancing was supposed to be easy. No bosses, no boring work (unless you want to get paid) and no unreasonable deadlines (Ha!). When I decided to take the plunge into full-time freelance writing, I had a few fairly unrealistic expectations. … Continue reading

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