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Sample Pay Rates For Freelance Writers

Here’s a nifty piece about freelancing by Noah Davis, sent to me by my friend and colleague Judy Messina. You can check out some of Judy’s work here. He offers some good insights about the media business, including this nugget … Continue reading

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Review: The Book Every Freelancer Should Read in 2013

I’m not a big fan of most how-to books on business that cross my desk, but  The Freelancers Bible, by Freelancers Union founder and executive director and MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellow Sara Horowitz, with Toni Sciarra Poynter, is the exception. … Continue reading

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Get More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Research shows that word-of-mouth referrals are the most trusted form of marketing, yet many freelancers don’t make the most of them. One reason is that we tend to leave them to chance, simply hoping that our best customers will rave about … Continue reading

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Will 2013 Be the Year You Make the Break?

If your early New Year’s resolution is to quit a miserable job you hate, now may be the right time to make a move. Demand for freelancers seems to be percolating. According to the Global Business Survey by the talent … Continue reading

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Focusing On These Four Moments Helps Win Assignments

Being a freelancer involves a fair amount of rejection. Even after you identify a few good target markets for yourself and develop some solid story ideas, you’ll have to send out something on the order of 10 pitches for every … Continue reading

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How to Win Retainer Clients

At a certain point in building a freelance or consulting business, you may find that you’re doing more and more work for a few important clients. Eventually, one or more of them will realize it makes sense to offer you … Continue reading

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2 Tips for a Productive Freelancer’s Home Office

Guest post by Gary Lim, founder of Action Pronto, an advisory and coaching firm based in Manlius, N.Y.  If you’re freelancing, you’re likely working out of an office in your home. That’s the beauty and the curse of being a … Continue reading

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The One-Person Business on Steroids

Not so long ago, running a one-employee business was simply a way to create your own job, not a route to entrepreneurship. But that’s changing, as New York Times writer Catherine Rampell noted in her recent story, “When Job-Creation Engines Stop at … Continue reading

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Two Entrepreneurs Connect Bloggers with Advertisers

Rachel Ferrucci says she swept Deborah Mitchell off her feet when they met at a social media conference in New York. Mitchell, based in New York City, was a former television  producer for CBS News who had left a high-powered, 25-year … Continue reading

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From Columnist to Ebook Author: Tina Traster’s Journey

I’ve worked with Tina Traster for the past couple of years as the editor of one of her columns, Hits & Misses, a chronicle of the dramatic highs and lows that come with the entrepreneurial life, for Crain’s New York Business. When I found … Continue reading

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