What Web Traffic Means To A Freelancer

Susannah Breslin is writing 30 days of freelancing on Forbes. Today, she wrote about the sense of failure that freelancers have – and uses her low-traffic blog on Forbes as an example.

Sorry, but thinking about failure is a waste of time. Freelancing is a business, not a personal validation project.

Traffic is merely marketing on the way to the business. So don’t spend your time writing for traffic, and don’t spend your time beating yourself up for not getting it.

If you get a lot of traffic on something you were paid to do, that’s icing on the cake and may help you land your next paying gig. If you do something for free and it gets a lot of traffic, maybe it was worth the cost, which was your time.

Traffic is only tangential to success, not causal. It’s a red herring thrown out by the Internet economy. Don’t go chasing it.




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