What Makes For A Good Freelance Client: A Rare Word

One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you chose with whom you work. When things are going well, of course, you have MORE choice, but you always have at least some choice.

My best freelance clients are those for whom I do can do outstanding work — that’s the first criteria. The next criteria is how much fun I have and how much I learn by working with them. The amount of money I make is somewhere on the list, but, well, I didn’t become a writer/editor because money was my first priority.

I was reminded of how much fun it is to learn something new when, today, one of my favorite clients shared a word with me: Prepropenultimate, which means third from the last. It doesn’t show up in my online dictionary, but its meaning seems fairly clear. If ultimate is the last, penultimate is next-from-last, and propenultimate is second-from-last then prepropenultimate is third-from-last. I think you can make a variant by using “ante” somewhere in the mix.

And yet another great thing about being a freelancer is that I could take a few minutes in my day to enjoy the new word and write this blog post about it!

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