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Give Your Freelance Clients A Fair Shot

I recently told someone I work with that I’d give a new situation a fair shot. The same day, I told my daughter that she had to give her new softball team a fair shot. Now I’m struggling to define … Continue reading

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The Value Of Multiple Drafts, With Input From George Saunders

The immediacy and the economics of writing for the web have steadily reduced the number of drafts produced on any given story. When I worked for a weekly newspaper, there were at least four or five drafts of a piece, … Continue reading

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On Middlemarch and Not Following Your Dreams

We spend a lot of time on 200kfreelancer encouraging writers, designers and other professionals to have the courage to create the lives and careers they want. We recognize how much courage such a move takes. I’m in a group with … Continue reading

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Focusing On These Four Moments Helps Win Assignments

Being a freelancer involves a fair amount of rejection. Even after you identify a few good target markets for yourself and develop some solid story ideas, you’ll have to send out something on the order of 10 pitches for every … Continue reading

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Silver Linings in Hurricane Sandy

First of all, if you’ve been affected by Hurricane Sandy this week, good luck and we’re wishing you a speedy recovery and return to normal. Here are a few thoughts and tips on coping: Reach out. The freelance life can … Continue reading

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When You Shouldn’t Be A Freelancer

Elaine and I spend a lot of time writing on 200kfreelancer about the benefits of a flexible work schedule. Yesterday, she blogged about what her ideal work day looks like — and though it is flexible, it’s clearly not short. … Continue reading

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Writing Tips From Stanley Fish, With References To Frankenstein and Dan Ariely

I’m continuing my tour through writing books by reading Stanley Fish’s How To Write A Sentence. I’ve been a writer and editor for 20 years – starting seriously in college, where I worked for the student newspaper at the University … Continue reading

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The Features You Want In Your Home Office Phone

Your telephone is a crucial, but easily overlooked, piece of equipment in your home office. For years, I limped along with an old cordless phone. I’m not sure why I never thought to get a new one; it was just … Continue reading

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$200KFreelancer Available for the Kindle … And Tips For Setting Your Blog Up

We’re excited to let you know that that $200KFreelancer is now available in a Kindle edition, through Amazon. The subscription, available for a 14-day free trial, costs 99 cents a month. If you like to do your reading on the … Continue reading

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Judge’s Order A Bellwether For Paid Content?

Are we the only ones disturbed by the proliferation online of content that is paid — but not obviously so? In other words, content that is propaganda or “fake journalism?” Apparently not. U.S. District Judge William Alsup,  said “the court … Continue reading

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