5 Must-Read Sites for the $200K Freelancer

Solitude can be nice when you’re trying to finish a deadline project, but the flip side is loneliness. If you’re feeling isolated and can’t get out to reconnect with a freelancing buddy this week, check out these 5 virtual “watercoolers” we love. This collection will help you get inspired, build your business and stay connected to others who are working hard at becoming $200K Freelancers.

1. MediaBistro. You can’t beat this giant hub for keeping up with media news, learning about new markets, and advertising your services. The blogs are very useful in staying current. Know you need to learn more about tech and social media but keep putting it off? Check out 10,000 Words (“Where Journalism and Technology Meet”) and All Twitter. They’re fun to read and informative. For instance: Did you know that there are people earning six-figure incomes and above using Twitter as a platform for sponsored posts? I just learned that from All Twitter.

2. PROBLOGGER. Many freelance writers find themselves contemplating blogging gigs–but don’t know how to make the most of them. This site offers detailed, useful advice. The “Make Money Blogging” page will save you hours of research. At the same time, the site dishes out honest, realistic advice, instead of hype. For instance, “A Reality Check about Blogging for Money” offers some tough love for those who think they can earn a decent income from their endeavors overnight.

3. WordCount. Written by business editor and reporter Michelle Rafter on freelancing in the digital age, this well-focused, highly readable blog covers many of the topics you’re probably asking friends about. One post this week covered her experiments with the fast-growing social media platform Pinterest, for instance.

4. Freelance Switch. There’s some great advice on this high-traffic blog on the business side of freelancing, run by a group of freelancers around the world. The advice covers all types of freelancers, including IT professionals and web designers. If you’re a new freelancer who needs to make a full-time living, check out Kick Starting a Freelance Business When You Can’t Afford to Fail. The site also has a jobs board to help you meet your income goal.

5. MediaWire. The Poynter Institute’s updates on industry news will keep you current about big-picture trends that affect journalists.

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  1. admin

    Thanks, Michelle! It’s hard to find sites that are both helpful and as fun to read as yours.

  2. Elaine:

    I’m honored that you included WordCount in your list of digital water coolers for freelancers, thanks so much. 200KFreelancer is new to me, I’ll definitely take a look around.