Confessions of a Cookbook Ghostwriter

Ever thought about ghostwriting? Then you won’t want to miss Julia Moskin’s honest and hilarious New York Times story “I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter”.

Although I’m someone who never really mastered cooking — my husband tackles the tough stuff — I have a giant collection of cookbooks, perhaps due to my wishful thinking that I will suddenly develop some talent in that department.

So it was fascinating to find out how many of these cookbooks are actually ghosted–or what the ghostwriters go through.

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Apparently, it’s not an easy job. As Moskin puts it, for certain chefs, “a writer-for-hire has about the same status as a personal trainer; the relationship is friendly but not always mutually respectful.”

“I was frequently stood up, always kept waiting and once took dictation in a spa while the chef received a pedicure,” she writes.

Being a top chef may be glamorous, but apparently ghostwriting for one isn’t. “Cookbook ghostwriting brings low pay, nonexistent royalties…and only a few perks..,” notes Moskin.

At least it makes for some good stories!

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  1. Extremely well written, well thought out article.