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2 Tips for a Productive Freelancer’s Home Office

Guest post by Gary Lim, founder of Action Pronto, an advisory and coaching firm based in Manlius, N.Y.  If you’re freelancing, you’re likely working out of an office in your home. That’s the beauty and the curse of being a … Continue reading

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Are You Undercharging?

Women freelancers can be their own worst enemies when it comes to pricing their work. A recent, very candid post by business-to-business marketing expert Dianna Huff on the International Freelancers Academy blog offers a fascinating look at why many of us … Continue reading

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You’re a Job Creator, Too

Sometimes, running a one-person business can be a bit isolating. While we hear a lot of buzz about fast-growth companies creating jobs,  one-person operations tend to get short shrift. The media tends to overlook the fact that most businesses are … Continue reading

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Liberate 10 Hours a Week and Other Tips for Finding Time to Freelance

Many of us freelance in order to juggle other responsibilities. But sometimes, those other things we need to do can get in the way of work. In freelancing for five years while raising four small children, I’ve experimented with my … Continue reading

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Starting a Business after a Layoff

Getting laid off is a worst-case scenario for many people in the current economy, but it doesn’t have to be. For some, it paves the way to a new life–as an entrepreneur. In “How to Start a Business: First, Get … Continue reading

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The One-Person Business on Steroids

Not so long ago, running a one-employee business was simply a way to create your own job, not a route to entrepreneurship. But that’s changing, as New York Times writer Catherine Rampell noted in her recent story, “When Job-Creation Engines Stop at … Continue reading

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Serendipity For Freelancers

I’m a firm believer in serendipity, which in the professional world goes under the guise of networking. One of the keys to building a successful career as a freelancer is being open to new opportunities. You have to allow your … Continue reading

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Review: RocketLawyer’s Legal Docs for Small Business

Recently, I needed a privacy policy for a website. I remembered I had a free trial with RocketLawyer, an online document provider for small business, in connection with a story I was writing about the company. RocketLawyer had asked me … Continue reading

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Two Entrepreneurs Connect Bloggers with Advertisers

Rachel Ferrucci says she swept Deborah Mitchell off her feet when they met at a social media conference in New York. Mitchell, based in New York City, was a former television  producer for CBS News who had left a high-powered, 25-year … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Freedom of Freelancing

One of the great things about being a freelancer is Mondays. Yeah, you’ve got projects due and clients who want you to check in with progress reports. You’ve got phone calls to schedule and deadlines stacking up. You’re already behind … Continue reading

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