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Take The Risk out of Freelancing

If you’ve joined the world of independent professionals after working in a corporate job for a while, you may find it unsettling that your income fluctuates from month to month. A little anxiety about this is a good thing. The … Continue reading

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Bummer: Getting a Dental Insurance Quote

I try not to react emotionally when I get quotes for any type of health-related insurance for my family–but it is hard not to. With four small children, my husband and I decided recently that it would be a good … Continue reading

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Rethink Your Client Mix

When you’re a freelancer, it makes sense, business-wise, to focus on the work that’s in the greatest demand from clients. But most of us aren’t just freelancing for the money. We’re looking for other things, too, like the ability to … Continue reading

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HBR Looks at Freelancing Stars

It’s not surprising that the Harvard Business Review article The Rise of the Supertemp has been sparking passionate discussion since it was published in the May issue. It’s a very inspiring look at the prospects of high-caliber freelancers. That means … Continue reading

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Key Health Insurance Questions Remain Unanswered For Self-Employed

Over the next few days, we’ll hear from  many healthcare experts about what the Supreme Court’s decision about Obamacare means. I’m wondering how it will affect self-employed people. Presumably if citizens are required to buy healthcare or face a penalty, … Continue reading

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The Secret to Freelance Happiness … Lies at Machu Picchu

Life as an indie professional sometimes reminds me of a ride I took back from Machu Picchu on a tourist bus. Shrouded in fog that made everything seem mystical, the ancient Inca site connected us to a reality far from our … Continue reading

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From Freelancer to Multimillion Dollar Business Owner: Tips from an Entrepreneurial Immigrant

For immigrants to the U.S., breaking into the freelance world can seem daunting. Even if you have a great professional network overseas, it can be challenging to get a toehold in a brand new market. But that doesn’t mean it … Continue reading

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From Stylesetter to Freelance Blogger

When Barney’s New York fashion director Amanda Brooks stepped down recently, the 38-year-old style setter cited a surprising reason in an interview with the New York Times: She was inspired by Ree Drummond’s popular blog, The Pioneer Woman. (Drummond’s tagline for the blog, which features … Continue reading

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How I Landed My First Gig: A Cautionary Tale

Freelancing was supposed to be easy. No bosses, no boring work (unless you want to get paid) and no unreasonable deadlines (Ha!). When I decided to take the plunge into full-time freelance writing, I had a few fairly unrealistic expectations. … Continue reading

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Surviving Life without Sick Days

We’re very big on celebrating the independent life at the $200KFreelancer. But, like every other career option, it has its downsides, too. I was thinking about that recently when I caught the flu from my kids and ended up with … Continue reading

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